Bulgari DIVA Window_2013-2014

Marco Piva continues its cooperation with the prestigious brand Bulgari dressing the new 2013-2014 shop windows. The concept was inspired by the just-launched DIVA jewels collection that celebrates the big stars of the past, who have left their personal footprint in the world of style and fashion and who Bulgari wish to honour with magnificent jewels. Last year, the successful introduction of ceramics in the common thread of Bulgari’s corporate identity led Marco Piva to continue research on this material, in order to explore new possibilities and forms of expression. The same concept is enriched with new shapes and emotions: the inspiration of DIVA shop windows comes from evolving experimentations on ceramics and from the shapes and colours explored by Bulgari for its jewels. The display stand’s predominant geometric shape, narrow at the base with a sinuous and energetic expansion, reminds both of a champagne flute, symbol of big events and special moments, and of the shape of some jewels of the new collection. These new ceramic volumes, which serve as supports for smaller display stands, are the result of hard structural research. In fact, they have been designed to remain free-standing in spite of the apparent instability that characterises their shape (the ceramic volume is ballasted inside and anchored to the underlying platform). Two main designs are proposed: the first displays jewels on the volumes anchored to the floor, the second, like a waterfall, displays suspended forms, some of which serve as lamps for the underlying elements, some host necklaces, and some, finally, serve as decorations. DIVA shop windows evoke the world of cinema and theatre with its muses, through exclusive amethyst and rubellite shantung silk panels that evoke the sliding curtains which close the theatre stage, acting as a frame for the protagonists. In addition, the two colours chosen clearly remind to the colours of the stones used for the jewels, whilst the shape of the wing reflects the lines and cuts developed for display stands. Ceramics, cloth and metal blend together on stage to enhance the jewels’ colours and brightness. The result is a game of lights, colours, shapes and contrasts to live and explore. Joyous and lively, the new DIVA shop windows designed by Marco Piva pay a tribute to the appeal and femininity of the women to whom the jewels are inspired. An imaginary theatre for unquestioned protagonists. — New York Images: Bottom Facade (ground floor): Studio Marco Piva Top end Facade (first floor): Fenizia Design Studio


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